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We strive for a sustainable cooperation involving the complete feed chain in which you will find your place. 

Our location in Lochristi as well as in Poelkapelle is situated in an area with few pig-farms.  As a consequence, the health (SPF = Specific Pathogen Free) of our animals is scarcely threatened and the need to administer medication to the animals as a group or individually is minimal.

We assume our responsibility towards:

  • our customers and the entire feed chain, by offering value for money
  • our suppliers, by acknowledging them as important business partners, thinking and working together towards a sustainable company strategy. 
  • our staff, by motivating them through recognition, fair remuneration and teamwork and through involving them in discussions on technical aspects. We strive to stimulate and recognize their personal growth and development.
  • our financial institution, by being an open partner and working towards relationship built on mutual trust
  • the consumer, by producing safe pork, in an honest, healthy way with respect for the animals and consideration for its taste