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Our M+porker is charactarized by :

·         Health

The pig farm situated in Poelkappelle is managed according the SPF (=Specific Pathogen Free) protocol. The optimal growth, the low occupancy number, the limited use of medication, the proper living and ventilation conditions, the correct management and the traceable feed are the building stones that result in a healthy M+porker.  The use of high quality feed forms the basis for a very tasty end product.

·         High percentage of meat & origin

All  M+ porkers have their origins in the m+pigs breeding facility in Lochristi.

On the maternal side they descend from de M+gilt with DanBred Genetics (Large White*Danish Landrace) on the paternal side the have Belgian Piétrain origins; both races are known for the high percentage of meat.  This crossbreed results in a very succulent and tasty piece of pork with the ideal proportion between lard and meat.

·         Uniformity

It is our aim to deliver a uniform M+porker, bred in accordance with a sustainable company strategy to facilitate the efficiency for every link in the chain of production.   This uniformity is also shown by a low rate of organ and carcass aberrations.  The M+porkers are selected a few days in advance and weighed in order to offer a concept suited to the buyer.

·         Continuity

Our logistic organisation enables  to deliver a fixed number of M+porkers on a weekly basis. 


Our porkers comply with Codiplan Plus requirements.